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The best way to offset tree loss is to plant more.  We think of this process having four components.

1. Design:  Determine what the desired functions the tree is to fulfill.  Typical benefits include shade, privacy/wind screen, food, simple beauty, etc.  Then look at the aspects of tree size and available space to grow.  As these kinds of factors are considered, the list of appropriate tree types shortens.  It is always best to think this step through as thoroughly as possible.  One helpful method of finding a suitable tree is to look around the local area and see what grows well.

2. Selection:  Find a healthy and well-structured specimen.  Even when we know what one of these looks like, it is not always easy to find one.  There are some retail nurseries that are helpful in this regard.

3. Planting:  Follow modern guidelines (see Tech. Res.).  Make sure there is adequate water at installation and throughout the current growing season.  Use stakes only if needed and in the most effective way (see below).  Protect from predation and other pests.

4. Early Care:  Commit to a 5 year care program.  Continue with irrigation, mulching, pest control, structural pruning & possibly fertilization.

If tree planters will commit to these steps, we can assist them (if needed) in producing strong and healthy trees that will return benefits for many years.

Small tree planting requires only a few simple guidelines to be successful.

Planting larger trees is a more complicated procedure.

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