Arboricultural Services of Northcoast Tree Care - Removal

Trees, like all living things, come to an end.  Unless they are growing away from people, many trees tend to reach their “functional” end before they die.  And while some hazards can be reduced by other treatments, there are times when the most prudent action is to remove the tree.

The simplest way to cut a tree down is by falling it from the ground.  But just as people are the reason hazards exist, they also tend to restrict the removal process to spaces smaller than a tree can be felled.  Many trees have to be climbed and cut down in small pieces.  Where accessible, aerial lift devices and cranes greatly aid the process. 

When itís time to remove trees, we look for the most efficient way to do the job. Trees in tight spaces may require the use of a crane. This equipment is also needed when large pieces of a tree have to be taken away from the site.



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