Arboircultural Services of Northcoast Tree Care - Technical Resources

The following are given to assist in understanding the above services and treatments.

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Tree Care Information
Tree Selection
Buying High-Quality Trees
New Tree Planting
Mature Tree Care
Trees and Turf
Proper Mulching Techniques
Pruning Young & Mature Trees
Why Topping Hurts Trees
Tree Damage During Construction
Resources – Topical Arbor Links
How to Prune Trees
Landscape Tree Care 101
Right Tree, Right Place
Tree Identification
Tree Planting
Preview (or purchase) the American National Standards
Part 1 – Pruning
Part 2 – Fertilization
Part 3 – Support Systems:  Cabling, Bracing & Guying Established Trees

Available by Purchase:
Best Management Practices: or 888-472-8733 ext 223
Tree Pruning
Tree and Shrub Fertilization
Tree Support Systems (Cabling, Bracing, & Guying)

The most comprehensive text on the above subjects is Arboriculture (Harris) with a more general text Modern Arboriculture (Shigo)..
See our Library for titles and publishers.

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Inspections & Evaluation
Cabling & Bracing
Root Care
Technical Resources