Northcoast Tree Care Biographies

Ling Sinclair

Ling was born and raised in Elk, surrounded by forest not far from the ocean.  There was no shortage of exposure to elders employed in these natural wonders.  It greatly influenced his direction.

He bought his first chainsaw when he was 9 and his first climbing saddle when he was 13.  At 14, he went to work with his step father, Andy Taylor.  Andy was a veteran tree man who carefully counseled Ling about the intricacies of climbing and cutting.

“I grew up around loggers and tree guys and knew I always wanted to be like them.  Fortunately, my step dad was there to make sure I learned the importance of patience and respect for all of the inherent dangers involved.  If it weren’t for him, I probably would have gotten killed”.

Ling is now a highly competent tree climber and faller.  He enjoys working in and around trees, so long as it doesn’t detract too much from being in or on the water.

“If I am away from the ocean for very long, I get nervous.  I can go maybe two days before I have at least got to see it.  Better to get into it”.
It’s hard to say which is more important for him, playing in the ocean or eating from it.  If he’s not surfing, Ling is after fish.  They usually end up on his dinner table.

Just to balance out his diet, Ling will hunt just about anything. “If it’s got a fin or four legs with hooves, I’ll probably eat it.”

Ling is usually accompanied by his faithful dog Max, now the company mascot.  Max is always happy to help our customers relieve themselves of excess food.

He currently lives with his high school sweetheart, Elise.  And yes, they can see the ocean out their window, thanks to some artful tree trimming.

His motto: "Keep thy hooks sharp and the barrel clean. "

Carl Marx Carlson

John Muir Phillips