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Todd Grove Park - Ukiah

December 11th and 12th, 1995 a major storm hit northern California. Winds were recorded over 90 mph with local microbursts. A microburst on the ground is the result of a column of air dropping quickly to the ground and dissipating in one or more directions. What we witnessed were several of these that traveled 100 to 300 yards in widths of approximately 50 ft. The effects were like mini tornadoes. In fact, one resident observed a funnel cloud through the hole in his roof caused by a falling tree. This and the following photos are in Todd Grove Park, Ukiah.

Several fir were either totaled or partially injured.

We hauled the logs home for milling.

This fir broke off at 80 ft.

It had to be taken down in two pieces to avoid hitting the nearby structure.

The piece that was cut off planted itself. We had to cut it again.

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