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Dying Poplar in Clear Lake

Our most challenging crane removal job to date. A dying poplar on the shore of Clear Lake (Mt. Konocti in the background).

The pieces had to be small due to the distance from the street and the diameter of the trunk. Big saws are so much fun in the tree!

Crane reaching over the house for the last piece.

The last piece was only 10 ft. long but weighed 15k lbs. It was 5 ft. in diameter. It would have easily crushed the roof had it slipped away.

This was a 200 T crane with counterweights. It was at maximum reach with maximum load.

And of course there was no place to leave the wood, so we had to take it home. Being marginal firewood, I decided to mill some of it. The bottom log had to be cut in half lengthwise in order to fit on the mill. We’ll see whether the final product was worth all the effort.

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