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Julia Butterfly Hill & Luna

Most people around these parts have heard the story of Julia Butterfly Hill. That is her standing on the top of Luna where she resided for almost 2 years. It was sometime after she descended that the tree was vandalized.

The entire circumference of the tree had been cut one to three inches deep with a chainsaw. There was concern about the stability of the tree as well as injury to the phloem and cambial tissues.

Steel braces were installed in places as indicated on the previous diagram. These were custom made for this tree. They were then tightened.

Dennis Yniguez of Tree Decisions indicates a reduction in the width of the cut (as a result of the brace tightening).

Next we laid out steel cables to be attached high up in the tree.

Climber ascending Luna to attach cables. The ground ends were anchored to old stumps.

Bill DeVos, from back east, joined the team. He is a specialist in the preservation of old and unstable historic trees. Nice guy too.

Julia was there to console her friend. As far as we know, Luna still stands and grows.

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