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Snyder Park in Willits

Snyder Park, Willits. The remaining Monterey pine of the two that were planted there a long time ago finally gave it up.

Note the climber on the top of the trunk. This was about the height where the tree had been topped, probably in the 1970ís. It was not apparent from the ground, but at that point, there was a long, vertical column of decay that occurred as a result of the topping. This portion of the trunk was occupied by ants. Cutting into it caused the ants to invade the climber. He was not happy!

This was a very large pine for its type. Probably the ample water supplied by the turf irrigation had something to do with that. The use of the crane helped to take it down most efficiently. The entire tree was dismantled and totally removed from the site in one day with a crew of six. It was a long day. The logs below the rotten portion produced excellent boards.

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