History of Northcoast Tree Care - Sohner-Phillips Legacy

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The beginning of Roger Sohnerís tree career. The Davey Institute was known as the center for tree issues and training at the time.

Roger and Alice, c.1925

Early tree surgery.  Note the platform for access.

Tree surgery required the excavation of decayed wood, followed by the installation of steel rods and cables.

Surgery, done meticulously, could take a long time.

This surgery was in Santa Monica; Sohner is the man in the middle of picture.

After the internal bracing, concrete was laid in blocks with tar paper in between, rather than in one large pour.  The theory was that the blocks and paper would allow the trunk to flex.  Some of these old trees are still standing.

Roger as a young man.

Roger with daughters Roberta and Marilyn, c.1930.

The first fleet in San Anselmo, Marin Co., 1930’s.

Photo Album
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