History of Northcoast Tree Care - Sohner-Phillips Legacy

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The burma jeep, another remnant from WWII. Note the climbing ropes and gear hanging off the side. The rope was manila and the saddles were rope and leather.

Nothing like a little help loading heavy pieces of wood. The A frame boom was a simple, but sturdy design.

Eucalyptus is heavy.

Built in the 1940’s, this spray truck was still in use in the 1970’s. It was nicknamed the “submarine”. The tank is wooden, and of course, never leaked.

Eucalyptus in Marin grew large. Note the two men high up in the center preparing to take another “piece” off.

Rigging techniques used in the “old” days was not a lot different than it is today. Only the tools and materials have changed.

Working over the high voltage lines has always added a little extra bit of excitement to an already exciting job. Again, two men using a cross cut saw.

Alice and Roger, c.1940’s.

Roger treated the crew and their spouses to an occasional picnic in the country. C. late 1940’s.

And a swim.

Photo Album
Page 3