History of Northcoast Tree Care - Sohner-Phillips Legacy

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The first factory built lift truck in the fleet.

Roberta and Jack as newlyweds, c.1947.

Roberta and son John, c.1949., on the family boat in the S.F. Bay. This family spent a lot of after work hours on that Bay.

Alice and Roger, c.1950’s, on one of their many outings.

Roger was very involved with the professional associations. He was a staunch advocate of proper procedures and care.

An early times spray crew. In those days, very little protective equipment was available.

PG&E insulator washing. Apparently, this was necessary to make the electricity flow properly. It was a good thing that there were no toxic substances in those transformers!

These early spray rigs were home-built. They were strong and innovative.

The operator platform would extend vertically up to 40 ft. by a telescoping boom. The boom was pressured by the liquid material in the spray tank. It took a little getting used to the ride up and down, especially down. With the high pressure pumps and the height of the platform, spray applications could reach the tall trees that lined the local streets.

Alice and Roger at their “retreat” on Sonoma Mtn. Roger had a lot of dreams for this place that never got to happen.

Photo Album
Page 4