History of Northcoast Tree Care - Sohner-Phillips Legacy

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The first brush chippers, c. late 1950ís.

With the acquisition of the expanded PG&E contract of the 1960ís came new equipment. Jack displays a typical outfitted truck-mounted chipper truck.

The Asplundh lift rig was the deal of the times, c.1970ís.

The crew and staff at Marin Co. headquarters for secretary Peg Gherkinís retirement. Born in Comptche, she came to work for the company so far back that we canít remember when. No one ever kept the books like olí Peg.

The 1970ís saw the beginning of the Tree Trimmerís Jamboree. It all started at a company picnic of Arbor Tree Surgery of Atascadero as a training exercise. Richard Alvarez, owner of the company, figured that his crew would be more likely to learn new things if he fed them well. A little beer also helped.

The jamborees had multiple events where tree people would test their skills of climbing, cutting and rescue. They also provided a place for any and all interested to get together and share stories, experiences and trade secrets. The competition part was always accompanied by general merriment.

Over the years, a select group of competitors filtered to the top. The names are legendary in the tree circuit. Robert Phillips was one.

In the summer of 1981, Sohner Tree held its 50th anniversary party. By that time, the company had grown to 155 employees. The men and their families came from all over the north coast to share the day.

There was copius amounts of food and drink.

There was also an intercompany competition, modeled after the Jamboree.

Photo Album
Page 5