History of Northcoast Tree Care - Sohner-Phillips Legacy

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And if one wasnít up for the rigors of climbing, there was the cutting competition. Chainsaws replaced handsaws in the 1950ís, and every tree man had to be competent with one.

Some of the senior men and their wives. The gentleman on the far left, Monty Montgomery, was in the 1941 photo. He was a model of expert pruning to the many young guys that came along the way.

Awards were given to those who had been with the company for the long term. On the plaques was the Arboristís Creed, written by Millard Blair, a colleague of Rogerís and a founding father of arboriculture.

A modern day load of oak logs. It was Johnís vision to use trees for products other than firewood. Many attempts were made to run a sawmill and generate good quality lumber. While it never materialized into a commercial venture, he did manage to build his house with logs salvaged from urban tree operations.

The residential tree crew in the 1980ís. Ragtag but worthy of just about any tree challenge that came along.

At the end of the Sohner era, John took on the challenge of organizing the program for the 54th WCISA annual meeting.

Inspired by his grandfather, John took the challenge seriously. The preparation was very time consuming, but rewarding. The turnout was exceptionally high, reaping a healthy sum for the organization and transferring a lot of information to those who participated.

The third day of the conference was held outside at Roaring Camp near Felton. Sessions were given on pertinent subjects throughout the day. Leaders of these sessions, from left to right: Gary Hickman (UCCE), Ed Perry (UCCE), John Britton (Britton Tree), Dr. Alex Shigo, Sharon Ossenbruggen (assistant to Dr. Shigo), Dr. Jay Stipes (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), Dr. James Clark (Univ. of Wash.), Doug Hamilton (UCCE), Ken Myer (Mayne Tree Experts), Linda Dodge (asst. to Berry) and Dr. Alison Berry (UC Davis). Not pictured: Richard Marling (City of San Mateo) and Barrie Coate (Consulting Arborist).

Of course, there was always time for fun. Robert behind the camera with Jott behind the wheel.

Don Blair with another one of his toys.

Photo Album
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