Northcoast Tree Care - Links

Institute for Sustainable Forestry
Sponsors workshops and info. for small landowners

UCCE Humboldt Co.
Section on forestry for small landowners

UCCE Mendocino Co.
Publications section.

UC Integrated Hardwood Range Mgmnt. Program
Dedicated to the conservation of California’s 10 million acres of oak woodlands.

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
Good publications section.

California Tree Failure Report  Program
(see Landscape Horticulture/Urban Forestry:  Tree Risk Management)
Collects data and reports on tree failures State wide; sponsors annual meeting and an occasional newsletter; welcomes and trains participants.

USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station
Provides research results on many topics, including:  eocsystem processes, fire science, insects and diseases, urban forestry, etc.

California Forest Stewardship Program
Assistance, conservation easements, fire info., general interest, management practices, noxious weeds, pest management, planning, planting, resources, roads, taxes, watersheds, wildlife

UC IPM Online:  Statewide Integrated Pest Mgmnt. Program
Develops and promotes the use of integrated and ecologically sound pest management programs in California.

Mushrooms, Fungi & Mycology
Key to fungi in California.

Arbor Day Foundation
Information about tree selection, planting, pruning, etc.

California ReLeaf
A network for State’s community tree groups; coordinates grant funding.
See links for related groups and organizations.

Mendocino County ReLeaf (MCRL)
Founded by Dave Watts (Sanhedrin Nursery) & John Phillips (Northcoast Tree Care) in early 1990’s. Mission to promote tree awareness and care in our local area.  Sponsored workshops, educational sessions and tree plantings. Currently managed by Miles Gordon ( ) in collaboration with Friends of Gibson Creek

Shigo and Trees, Associates LLC
Educational materials produced by world reknown tree biologist, Dr. Alex Shigo (deceased).

International Society of Arboriculture
Consumer education; education and research; sponsors Certified Arborist program.

American Society of Consulting Arborists
Educates arborists in various consulting fields; sponsors Registered Consulting Arborist program; offers public a service to ask questions to be answered by experts.

Tree Care Industry Association
Provides educational materials for arborists and consumers with an emphasis on industry safety and standards.

Navarro Watershed Working Group
Educational materials & workshops related to the locale.