Tree Science of Northcoast Tree Care - Introduction

We believe that science helps us understand how things work.  In our case, we are interested in trees and how they live, grow, stand up, fail and die.  This helps us interpret the health and structure of the trees we observe and work in.

Good science follows an accepted protocol.  There is a procedure, an analysis and a review.  The most rigorous review (double-blind, peer review) normally produces the best quality information. 

Not all tree information comes from the best scientific process.    This is due in part to the difficulty of studying trees in the field (especially large or mature trees).  There are many variables both in the places where trees are found and within trees themselves.  These inherent differences are compounded by the lack of funding allocated to landscape trees (those that don’t directly provide food, fiber or shelter).

We do our best to stay current with the applicable research.  This has to be supplemented with less scientifically-based information.  We will always differentiate between the two when informing our clients and performing treatments on their trees.