Tree Science of Northcoast Tree Care - Library


A New Tree Biology,  Dr. Alex L. Shigo, 1986, Shigo and Trees, Associates.
            Essential for any serious student of trees.  The recent edition comes with the New Tree Biology Dictionary.

Modern Arboriculture, Dr. Alex L. Shigo, 1991, Shigo and Trees, Associates.
            For those doing tree care.

Tree Anatomy, Dr. Alex L. Shigo, 1993, Shigo and Trees, Associates.
            The best collection of detailed photographs we have ever seen (in color).

Tree Pruning, Dr. Alex L. Shigo, 1989, Shigo and Trees, Associates.
            For anyone who prunes (a general guide and worldwide pictorial).

Arboriculture:  Integrated Management of Landscape Trees, Shrubs, and Vines,
            Dr. Richard Harris, Dr. James Clark, & Nelda Matheny, 4th ed. 2004, Prentice Hall.   The most complete guide for those doing tree care.

Plant Selection:

New Western Garden Book, Sunset Books & Magazine, Lane Publishing.
            A good guide for plant selection.

Water-Conserving Plants & Landscapes for the Bay Area, principle author Barry Coate, 1990, East Bay Municipal Utility District.
            A very sensible guide; great pictures.

Insect and Disease Identification:

A Field Guide to Insects and Pathogens of California Oaks, Tedmund Swiecki & Elizabeth Bernhardt,  USDA Forest Service General Tech. Rept. PSW-GTR-197, 2006.
            Excellent and current.

Insects That Feed on Trees and Shrubs, Johnson & Lyon, 1976, Cornell Univ. Press.
            The heavyweight.

Diseases of Trees and Shrubs, Sinclair, Lyon & Johnson,  1987, Cornell Univ. Press.
            Compatible heavyweight.

Forests and Forestry:

Maintaining the Long-Term Productivity of Pacific Northwest Forest Ecosystems, Ed. By D.A. Perry, R. Meurisse, B. Thomas, R. Miller, J. Boyle, J. Means, C.R. Perry and R.F. Powers, in cooperation with College of Forestry, Oregon State Univ., 1989, Timber Press.

The Redesigned Forest, Chris Maser, 1988, R.&E. Miles.

Forest Primeval, Chris Maser, 1989, Sierra Club Books.

The Hidden Forest, Jon Luoma, 2007, Oregon State Univ. Press.

Oaks of California,  Bruce Pavlik, Pamela Muick, Sharon Johnson & Marjorie Popper, 1991, Cachuma Press.
            History, ecology and identification.