This site was built by
Class K Graphics
an alterego of
Tai Hei Shakuhachi Flutes

Class K Graphics is a small way to give something back to my community. I live on String Creek, 10 miles NE of Willits in Mendocino County, California. A great place to live and raise a family.

Class K Graphics has succeeded in remaining "not for profit" for 35 years providing assistance to a wide varity of local community, volunteer and service organizations as well as friends tumbling headlong into the "Information Age".

This web site was made on a Macintosh G5 computer plugged into an electrical system that is completely Off-the-Grid. This alternative energy system is powered by a homemade hydo generator (when it rains) and solar energy (when it's sunny). All the electricity generated is clean, green and running my machine. "Think Alternatively"

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